With these brand new products, Everblue rejuvenates heat pumps by deeply removing rust and traces of oxidation on stainless steel. Indeed, although the equipment may function perfectly well, the appearance of its housing suffers with time due to a slight oxidation, which can be more or less serious depending on the climate it is exposed to. 

Remove rust and traces of oxidation

Metal Care 1 (to be used with gloves and glasses in case of splashing) is the solution for gentle but effective cleaning. It does not attack the metal. Simply apply it to the surfaces to be cleaned, let it act for three minutes, and then wipe with a clean cloth. It is important to know that this liquid product can also be used on copper, aluminium, brass, silver, zinc and tin.

Metal Care 2 then ensures protection by depositing a nano-layer that shields against any new corrosion. It is capable of eliminating oxides and pollutants through easy application in just a few minutes. Buffing with a soft cloth will restore shine to the heat pump for guaranteed protection until the next season.