A unique and patented device, CHLOR'IN is an ecological and economic solution providing users with superior pool comfort. The Fluidra chlorinator has just been awarded the Pool Innovation Awards at the Piscine Global Europe 2022 exhibition.

New for 2023: CHLOR'IN allows chlorination without adding salt to the water!

Made in France, CHLOR'IN is a new system for producing natural chlorine via electrolysis, without the need to add salt to the water, and is suitable for use in all pool configurations up to 150m3. This innovative and patented concept is distributed exclusively by Fluidra France, and works by inverting the process used by standard chlorinators.

Here, the salt is not poured into the pool water but rather into a removable chamber, requiring ten times less salt. CHLOR'IN then breaks down the salt molecules, instantaneously forming natural chlorine in its gaseous state. The gas obtained is lighter than water, and rises to the upper part of the chamber where it is caught up in the water flow and carried towards the inlets. The water is then chlorinated and disinfected of germs and bacteria, without the addition of any chemical products - adding further savings into the bargain!


4 models (60, 90, 120, 150 m3) are available, each of which is user-friendly and easy to install, thanks in particular to their intuitive operating interface. CHLOR'IN is designed to address the expectations of clients seeking superior bathing comfort, but who are also eager to protect the environment: CHLOR'IN generates clean water that's ready to rejoin the natural cycle. Another plus is that the absence of salt in the pool water preserves the longevity of the existing equipment (ladder, pump, pool robot, coping, etc.) by protecting it from corrosion. This leaves users free to swim in clean, soft water for absolute comfort.

Housing CHLOR'IN