The Heatstar Phoenix EC is a hybrid heat recovery ventilation system that incorporates three different, highly effective technologies working together to create an optimum environmental control solution for high specification pools.

Optimized environmental control for the swimming pool

The technologies focus on three main areas: the fans used in the units, optimising heat recovery ('free' heat) and energy efficient dehumidification.

3 different, highly effective technologies working together

Firstly, the use of "Blue EC" on-demand fan technology with backward curved fans, the most energy efficient fans on the market. These digital fans utilise "autofan" technology whereby the speed and power of the air-recirculation fan is managed automatically to enable significant energy savings whenever there is low demand.

Secondly, Heatstar use cross-flow recuperators to optimise heat recovery. The recuperator passively conducts heat from the exhausted pool room air via a series of adjoining plates directly to the incoming colder fresh air. This process, in combination with the dehumidification heat pump, produces high levels of heat recovery.

Last point, Heatstar use energy efficient dehumidification. The unit's dehumidification heat pump creates a cold evaporator coil to condense the moisture present in the air to reduce humidity levels. Through this process the heat pump absorbs both latent and sensible energy which is upgraded and recycled back into both the pool room air and pool water. Efficiencies of over 380% are announced through this process.

Heatstar continues to be at the forefront of swimming pool environmental control systems, backed by 45 years of design and innovation in the field.