Zodiac® has launched itself on the public swimming pool market with its range of robotic pool cleaners. Specially designed for this demanding use for hotels, sports centres, municipal pools, etc., the two VORTRAXTM TRX 7500 iQ and TRX 7700 iQ VORTRAXTM robotic cleaners are their first models designed for collective use.  

VORTRAXTM TRX 7500 iQ and TRX 7700 iQ VORTRAXTM, the firts zodiac cleaning robots designed for collective use

A range of Zodiac® robots that take advantage of all the manufacturer's technology

Designed for pools up to 25 m, this range benefits from the brand's powerful and durable cyclonic suction, movable double filtration (60 and 150 microns) and the Sensor Nav SystemTM. This technology enables the robot to optimise its movements via ultrasounds and sensors that detect the walls and obstacles in its path. The powerful tracks on the VORTRAXTM give it greater stability and more powerful traction.  

Intended for intensive use, these robots had to be built tough. This has been achieved thanks to its body made of ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate), which is even stronger than ABS. The filter is made of durable stainless steel and its Z-shaped suction brushes effectively the bottom and sides regardless of the material.  

The robot's pressure sensor facilitates wall climbing to clean the waterline as well as removal from the pool assisted by the Zodiac®Lift SystemTM, which expels water from the robot to reduce its weight. Its technology facilitates cleaning, ease of use, but also ease of maintenance with a filter level indicator (5L) and the Push'n'GoTM system for easy recovery before emptying. Finally, the robotic cleaner can be easily stored on its automatic cart, which is effortlessly managed via a control unit.  

This range of robots by Zodiac® takes advantage of all the manufacturer's technology, including its connections via built-in Wi-Fi. The robotic cleaner is piloted with a few clicks on a smartphone or tablet via the iAquaLinkTM application: choice of the program, delayed start, spot-cleaning function, programming, etc., not to mention automatic OTA (Over-The-Air) updates for a robotic cleaner that continues to evolve.   

VORTRAX(TM) zodiac cleaning robots