AstralPool® is launching a new innovative skimmer designed to integrate harmoniously into any type of pool that it makes itself forget. 

A new innovative skimmer designed to integrate harmoniously into any type of pool

Developed to offer greater flexibility

Skimmer Unik is designed in ABS under European quality standards and with a 5-year warranty. It was developed by AstralPool to offer pool owners greater flexibility in the selection of colours for the housing, the top covers and the embellishers. The housing comes in four colours (white, beige, grey and anthracite) and up to five colours to customize the skimmer mouth (in addition to these, there is also a stainless-steel finish).   

UNIK is available in several colours

The idea is for the skimmer to blend even more seamlessly into its surroundings, to the point where the skimmers and top covers are completely unnoticeable from the outside. The design makes it possible to remove the top part of the cover and insert a tile or slab of the same material as the pool surround equipment.

the «UNIK» skimmer of Astralpool


This creates a more unified and elegant aesthetic for the entire pool.  Discretion is another prominent feature of this product, thanks to the exclusive curved shape of the floater. This intermediate solution between a float and a traditional weir reduces the annoying flapping noise, bringing serenity and tranquillity to the bathing experience.   

Skimmer Unik AstralPool

A unified and elegant aesthetic for the entire pool

Finally, convenient cleaning and maintenance is another unique feature of this new skimmer. The filter has been enlarged, with 25% more capacity* or 3.5 liters, which means that it takes longer for the basket to fill up and therefore requires less frequent cleaning.  In addition, access to the tank is simplified to avoid the need to touch the cold water and make it easier to check the water level. 

UNIK skimmer

The large skimmer basket can be easily removed from the skimmer

*Compared to 2.8L AstralPool traditional skimmer.