HEATSTAR has been designing and developing modern air conditioning systems for swimming pools for almost 40 years. The new Phoenix MP (Multi-Pass) Environmental Control Unit has been designed to improve the heat recovery efficiency of air from the pool to over 95%.


Phoenix MP UnitThis system combines two technologies to achieve this heat recovery performance. The expelled warm room air is first passed through the dehumidifying heat pump to enable “active” heat extraction and then through a large “Multi-Pass” dual flow heat exchanger. Here, the residual heat within the air is passively conducted via a series of adjoining plates directly to the incoming colder fresh air.


The combined effect of utilizing both technologies can enhance the heat saved from the expelled air to over 95% dry and over 160% if also including allowance for latent recovery.

This solution is recommended for the new indoor pools, where the level of solicitation expected is higher. The Phoenix MP provides effective humidity control, active heat recovery, full rate air and both air and pool water heating – all from a single easily installed unit.