AstralPool has launched a new generation of LED lighting that maximises energy efficiency. The new LED LumiPlus DC PAR56 lighting range has been developed to obtain top lighting performance underwater and unbeatable lighting efficiency.



LumiPlus PAR56



LumiPlus DC PAR56 comes with an advanced LED lighting technology and is equipped with a state-of-the-art circuit board that keeps energy consumption down to as low as 14 W. The energy saving is further enhanced thanks to the introduction of a power pack that consumes 3 W as a substitute for the 16 W transformer normally used.
This LED lighting delivers up to 95% energy saving in comparison with conventional or halogen lighting and 47% in comparison with any other LED luminaire in the market.

LumiPlus DC PAR56 is fitted with top quality lighting (TQL) thanks to the new design of the lenses, which improves the quality and distribution of light; it does not cast shadows or light spots, and gives a sensation of a unique pool, thus making it a differentiating feature.


Technical specifications

The new LumiPlus DC range runs on direct current (DC) from the power pack. To convert 230 V AC to the 24 V DC that feeds the new LumiPlus range, only an AstralPool power pack may be installed.

The lamp and spotlight have white light. LumiPlus DC PAR56 V1 has a lighting performance of 1,485 lm with a consumption of 14 W, whilst LumiPlus DC PAR56 V2 has a lighting performance of 4,320 lm and a consumption of 32 W.