From pools toys, glassware and fragrances to spa steps, cover lifters and cover caps, Golden Coast’s comprehensive Essentials catalogue is Europe’s most exhaustive and convenient one-stop shop for swimming pool, spa and hot tub accessories.





1. Replacement filters

2. Maintenance kit

3. Magic Foam

4. Protectant for Spa



The collection, which is exclusively available through Golden Coast, has everything a pool or spa customer needs, including core maintenance products, such as cleaning sprays, brushes, replacement filters and floating dispensers.



1. Cover lifter - Cover Ex Lite

2. Grey Handi Step

3. InSPAration Liquid Pearls

4. Floating Spa Bar



Golden Coast’s Managing Director Jamie Adams explains: “Our aim is to offer our customers the most innovative, varied and extensive range of pool, spa and hot tub accessories out there: all available through one distributor.  

As well as keeping it simple for our customers, we’ve handpicked each product line for its proven profitability and popularity – removing some of the risk.

Above all else, we want to our customer to add value to their current customer offerings. So we’ve looked in particular for add-on products which will enhance the pool or spa user’s enjoyment.

Providing your customer with ways of injecting fun or reducing maintenance does more than increase sales… It will improve their relationship with their pool or spa, and in turn, enhance their relationship with you.


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Cover lifter - Cover Valet