The 2022 Wet Leisure Industry Survey report was available at SPATEX 2023. If you haven't consulted it yet, you can download it for free online on the dedicated website. 

Facts, figures and statistics to help make the right decisions on the UK pool market

Conducted by Golden Coast since 2011, the 2022 Wet Leisure Industry Survey is supported by: BSPF, BISHTA, Hot Tub & Swim Spa Scene, ISPE, SPATA, SPN, Swimming Pool Scene, and What Spa?
Download the entire 2022 Wet Leisure Industry Survey report (pdf format).

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Most wet leisure businesses which made up the survey sample are Small to Medium Enterprises, employing less than 50 staff. They are predominantly pools companies (in front of Spa, Sauna and other companies).
The respondents to this year's survey show us an industry that has remained broadly similar from a geographic point of view. As the economic power of the capital becomes greater and greater it may well be worth treating London as a separate region.

We have seen businesses with ten or more employees reduce in number for the first time since the survey began and there is a possibility that this is due to staff cutbacks in a challenging economy.
Council run and public pools are facing significant problems and many are closing however, the wet leisure industry is now, more than ever, an intrinsic part of the UK leisure industry with pools, hot tubs and saunas becoming an expected part of the hotel and holiday park experience.

2022 was a year of contrasts. Quite often, extreme contrasts.
On the 19th July, Lincolnshire recorded a temperature of 40.3°C making it the hottest day.
However, rainfall for the season was also well above average. The UK had 402.5mm of rain, which is 19% more than normal and although a warm summer tempts people out into their pools and spas, it is a dry one that really makes a difference to the business.
This year there was that interesting combination of flooding and a hosepipe ban. Neither is ideal for business.
Even now, many local authorities are concerned with reservoir levels and are asking customers to be careful with water usage. 

Here are some graphs extracted from the results, that you can disover with comments in the 2022 Wet Leisure Industry Survey report

Answering the question: " On the following scale, how did you find business conditions this year?"


Answering the question: "What would you say were the things that had the biggest influence on your business this year?"

Answering the question: "Which of these market trends are your customers following?"

Answering the question: "Which of these market trends are your customers following?"