New overflow pool gratings TransGrate PP and LongiGrate, by Anti Wave, are now available. They combine durability, strength and excellent non-slip traction and comfort to the feet (DIN 51097 testing criteria, category B).

Anti Wave pool gratings are designed and produced as per several requirements: efficient collect of water from the overflow area; safety and hygiene of the pool environment; pleasant surface to walk on and blending harmoniously with the whole; durability and use of highest quality materials (engineering plastics PP and unique I-Beam profile).

They are also resistant to UV light, chlorine, sea water and spa water and can be removed easily for cleaning and inspection as needed. They are available in various sizes.

Anti Wave’s gratings have been used in public and private pools around the world, including top international aquatic facilities such as Beijing 2008 Olympics, and Doha Aspire Olympic Complex 2015.

anti wave grilles