AstralPool has launched AstralPool MAC®, a smart device for the total control and maintenance of pool water. Fluidra has invested 1.5 million euros in R&D for the development of the new 3.0 pool allowed by this innovative technology.


AstralPool Mac


A touch screen display is used to activate the Smart Manager that automatically adjusts the pool's operational settings: efficiency levels, filtration, dosing, temperature, etc., and controls the way it works.


This software has two pool control programs: a basic automated program for home owners and an advanced program for pool professionals that can only be accessed using a security code.


AstralPool MacIts straightforward setup just involves introducing the characteristics of a pool: size, number of bathers, surroundings, and times used, etc., into the system and the Smart Manager will automatically adapt the operational settings to the requirements of each pool.


Furthermore, the device can be remotely operated over a Wi-Fi network. The system has been developed for old and new pools alike of up to 80 m3. It ensures that equipment runs at maximum efficiency by making savings of up to 50% on energy, 90% on chemical products and 50% on the amount of water used for backwashing in comparison with conventional pools.


It is made up of two small modules (74.5 x 99.5 x 66.5 cm) that are compact, light enough to carry from one place to another and easy to install.

Red Dot Award 2013


The innovation and excellence of the product has been recognised through its winning the Red Dot Award: product design 2013.


In fact, it is a new concept in the way to understand and manage pools.