NeolysisAstralPool has extended its range of water treatment solutions by introducing a new technology: neolysis. Neolysis is a system which combines UV water treatment with salt electrolysis in a single reactor for obtaining a higher quality of water.


Neolysis combines UV water treatment with salt electrolysis in a single reactor that delivers disinfected and chlorinated water. AstralPool's Neolysis devices are able to make most of the best characteristics and features of each of these technologies, whilst overriding their disadvantages.

Pool water that is treated using Neolysis is totally natural, so it could even be used to water plants. Furthermore, the salinity of the water is under 2 g/l, which is far lower than that treated using conventional salt electrolysis systems (4–6 g/l).


schéma installation Neolysis

Neolysis scheme

The main advantages of Neolysis systems are:


  • Greater disinfection: dual disinfection as UV treatment has been brought together with in situ chlorine generation. This combination makes for more efficient pool water disinfection with an extremely low salinity index, whilst avoiding the need to add salt or chlorinated products (hypochlorite, chlorine tablets, etc.).


  • More sustainable: the savings in water and energy make this a sustainable technology. There is no longer any need for filter washes for the purpose of reducing the concentration of chloramines.


  • Healthier: the higher quality of water improves bathing conditions and reduces itchy skin, nose and eyes.


AstralPool distributes Neolysis systems for private and public pools with low and medium pressure UV reactors.