UNI KARTAfter growing to be a reference in Europe for its robot vacuum pool cleaners for public and community pools, Hexagone innovates once again by launching a range of products for the disabled.


UNI KART is the fruit of Hexagone’s research and development department and has obtained an international patent. Approved by the APAVE, it is the first ever dual security dipper pool lift without a motor or hydraulic system.


Without a battery to recharge or heavy hoist to position, not even a need to be anchored in the ground, it can be used at anytime, anywhere around the pool. The expertise in terms of value for money, has already ranked this UNI KART lift as the best offer on the market.


The main objective was to make all pools accessible to disabled persons or those with reduced mobility such as the elderly, for example, whilst limiting expenses for the community.