AstralPool - Chlore EliteAstralPool is adding the new AstralPool Chlore line, designed for residential pools, to its current line of salt electrolysers. Featuring three different models, the AstralPool Chlore Smart is at the bottom of the line, Smart + is in the middle of the line and Elite is at the top of the line.

All of them have a bubble detector, a salinity alarm with an LED indicator and a system that prevents fur buildup in the electrolysis cell. The electrodes of the last 2 models have a longer lifespan.
The first 2 can be programmed for 2/3 hours, via the control panel for the last one, which is the most complete system, equipped with a flow switch and a compact probe carrier.

The Control Basic accessory allows the pH level to be measured and managed with direct reading. It can be installed on the Smart and Smart + models (it’s already present on the Elite model).