Spa de nage MediterraneaSpanish manufacturer AstralPool presents their new Swim Spa Mediterranea, a swimming pool and a spa all in one - the perfect product which allows you to keep in shape in a swimming pool or enjoy a relaxing hydro massage in the hot tub. In just 10 m², it combines a heated pool, for those who like swimming, and a hydro massage area where you can relax after a hard day at work. And all this in the comfort of your own home.

The pool has a system of 5 water jets that create a powerful counter-current for swimming.
The intensity of the jets can be adjusted to adapt the current to the needs of each user. The Swim Spa also allows you to perform many aquatic exercises. For example, aquagym, which has several health benefits, such as improving blood circulation and toning muscles.


The Swim Spa includes a lounger and seats with complete hydro massage equipment, allowing your whole body to totally relax. Hydro massage is a natural solution for alleviating and improving discomfort such as stress, anxiety or insomnia. It also helps treat bone and muscle injuries.

The positioning of the jets in the Swim Spa Mediterranea has been studied in order to provide a complete massage covering the whole body. In addition, the wide steps provide comfortable access. The pool can be entered from both sides, which allows any configuration or installation of the equipment, both indoors and outdoors.