Preformati Italia, the number one Italian firm for the manufacture of pre-set, modular self-supporting structures ready to install and be finished in any manner whatsoever, which substitute, or may be used together with, traditional masonry structures with no need for the intervention of skilled workers.



EPS SYSTEM certified structures are made of high-density, self-extinguishing, sintered expanded polystyrene (EPS AE), which are then smoothed and reinforced with fibreglass fabric, and waterproofed for every application.

Whether modular, linear, circular or irregular, all of our structures are computer designed and manufactured without using any moulds.

The result is a finished, preformed structure with perfect radii of curvature and smooth surfaces for a professional grade installation.
These structures are the product of precise on site analyses of all the problems involved in the traditional building sector. Hence they are becoming the starting point for a modern and innovative construction method, which is also quick, safe, clean and affordable.

The company, which counts on a highly qualified staff for the ever growing demand, has enlarged its production facility laying out its manufacturing site over 2,000 square metres of operational area.

Our internal staff organisation enables us to easily deal with even the largest most significant orders with no problem whatsoever.

Preformati Italia