wishes you a Happy Holiday season and the best of success in the year ahead!

Swimming pool, wellness, landscaping: 2019, a year packed with novelties and events

From the redesign of our website to the lay-out of our EuroSpaPoolNews magazines, including our new digital communication formats, such as our videos, our storytelling and our new offers, or the edition of a new Special Issue Special PROS Landscapers, 2019 has been very innovative for EuroSpaPoolNews. 

Let's meet in 2020 for another year filled with surprises

And in 2020, we intend to continue this dynamic.

It is with great pleasure that we will meet again as of January 6th, 2020 with always more news and on international shows with our special editions EuroSpaPoolNews. We kick off with our two first international issues: EuroSpaPoolNews Special UK in January and Special ITALY in February. And of course, as of the end of January, you will read our trade magazine for the French market, Special PROS n ° 36.

Our team will be there to inform you of the latest novelties and news from the industry and will remain at your disposal in order to assist you and draw a communication plan that meets your expectations.

Vanina Biagini and her Team