The company HYDRA SYSTEM, specializing in the design and manufacture of pool covers since 1996, is setting out to conquer new markets. Olivier Brière, head of the company for the last 7 years, Zofia Romaniec, in charge of Southern Europe, and Fabrice Dey, in charge of Northern and Eastern Europe, tell us what has motivated this new challenge.


Olivier BRIERE

Olivier BRIERE : "So far, we have a presence in the Belgian, Swiss and Spanish markets, essentially owing to international exhibitions that allowed us to work directly with swimming pool specialists. Today, we are focusing our efforts on exports by looking for distributors.  HYDRA SYSTEM chooses its international representatives with great care because they have to be able, above all, to promote the high-end image of our products, while adhering to the ethics of the company, namely, the quality of service and proximity to customers. This is the reason we decided to create an export department and to take in two new recruits who will be responsible for their respective sectors: Zofia ROMANIEC, who will be in charge of setting up the export department and extending the company's customer base to Southern Europe, and Fabrice DEY, former marketing representative for exports from POOL TECHNOLOGY, who will take charge of Northern and Eastern Europe".



Zofia ROMANIEC : "Southern Europe is a big challenge for us because automatic pool covers are not as widespread in this region as in France or Germany, for example. So we decided to put together all the tools necessary (catalogs, training, product documentation) in all languages and also to take the consumer trends of each country into consideration in order to adapt our offer. Today, HYDRA SYSTEM is being distributed by PSH, the Spanish pump manufacturer, with a B2B distribution format. It offers a comprehensive catalogue of products and accessories. In Italy, GRUPPO DUEBI carries our products.  We are really relying on these companies to expand business in these two countries".




Fabrice DEY :  "Deciding to expand outside our frontiers does not mean simply selling products in other countries.  Above all, it involves setting up a complex mechanism to be able to offer international clients the same excellent service that built our reputation in France.  This obviously entails stepping back and looking objectively at our operating methods and a reorganization of the company.  Today, I think Hydra SYSTEM will become a key player in Europe. Our company is already present in the United Kingdom, where it is represented by BTU POOL SERVICES, also in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with our close partnership with POOLTECHNIKA.  There is a lot of work ahead for the coming season that looks to be very promising!"