The Piscine, Aqualie and Wellgreen exhibitions (16 to 19 November 2010 - Lyon Eurexpo), reference professional events for public and private swimming pools and spas, have just closed their doors.
And positive feedback has already been received from visitors and exhibitors alike. Focusing on their core activities, namely pool and spa equipment and amenities, the shows have once again given proof of their capacity for market innovation, thanks to the 100 new concepts presented.

Their international standing was confirmed again this year with a total of 90 nationalities represented in the various aisles and a more marked diversity ofvisitors. Let's look back on the 2010 shows.


Reflecting the pool market, which has experienced a significant recovery since early 2010, the Piscine, Aqualie and Wellgreen shows took place in a highly favourable business climate, well beyond the hopes and expectations of the exhibitors.

The Piscine show mobilised the profession across the board with 600 exhibitors this year, on a par with the 2008 figures. The "backbone" of the profession were unanimous in their attendance and, to simplify their identification at the shows, they were given a distinctive mark: the "Club des Majors". Elsewhere, the worldwide reputa tion of the shows was confirmed this year with 50% international exhibitors. Faced with a difficult market, pool professionals quite naturally refocused on the core activities of the market: thus, equipment and amenities for pools and spas were among the top priority products for visitors. Piscine 2010 remains a unique innovation showcase with a rich and exhaustive product range in design, new technologies, energy savings, etc.

It is worth noting that the Pool Eco Attitude concept enabled visitors to quickly identify the sustainable development solutions proposed by the exhibitors.


In its position as European market leader for pools and in second place on the world market, France has quite rightly become the hub of the profession. The 2010 Piscine exhibition aimed to improve on its already widely recognised international dimension. International visitors accounted for 35% of the total this year. An unparalleled world meeting point, the Piscine, Aqualie and Wellgreen shows 2010 welcomed visitors of 90 different nationalities who had come to discover the latest innovations from around the world.

Of the European nations most represented, we find Italy, Belgium, Spain and Germany. Sweden and Denmark proved to be the "rising star" nations of the shows, with a respective increase in attendance of +36% and +5%.
Outside Europe, certain markets have confirmed their strength or are expanding and showed significant gains in terms of number of visitors:
- Central and South America, West Indies and the Caribbean: +50%
- Asia: +33%
- Australia and Oceania: +22%
- Middle East: +20% despite the Aïd el-Kebir holiday, one of the major Islamic celebrations.


The shows have always set great store by being an ideal platform for business exchanges, discovering new concepts and meetings between professionals thanks to highly relevant demonstrations (Espace Spa, Espace Pool Vision, Living Pool) and through a rich programme of seminars. In all, some twenty seminars given in the context of Morning round tables, the Aqualie Congress and the Wellness Aqualie Meetings, brought together partners, institutional entities and exhibitors to provide project sponsoring professionals with suitable answers and to act as a forum for exchanges on current problems. Piscine 2010 was also the ideal occasion for professionals to get together in a friendly atmosphere during the numerous evening events that were organised every day on the exhibition site and in the city of Lyon.


Of the 100 or so new products unveiled on the Top 100 and Top Premium podiums, 27 Trophies were awarded by swimming pool professionals, clear proof of the dynamism and innovative spirit of the market. Nine prize winners were distinguished in the Pool Eco Attitude category which combines sustainable development oriented products and services. (read our news online in french

Of the trend areas most appreciated by the visitors, the Pool Vision showroom provided a new source of inspiration for project promoters by unveiling the 2012 trend study by the Dezinéo design agency as well as projects by the prize-winning students of the Pool Vision contest.

Pool professionals are already pencilling in the date of October 2011 in their diary which is when the next edition of the Aqualie show is scheduled to take place. This show will take stock of current design and equipment trends for leisure pools, as well as the latest spa trends.