T&A, the manufacturer of automatic pool covers, has recently acquired the Morgana Floor company, based in Vorselaar, Belgium. Managed by Johan Moortgat, this company has over 10 years of experience in movable pool floors, perfectly fitting into the T&A group. Now renamed AquaMove, the mobile floor enriches the group's range of pool covers, providing quality, safety and durability.

Movable floor suitable for a variety of pools

More than a simple cover, the movable floor can be blocked at any desired height. In the upper position, it creates an additional terrace area, whereas in a lower position it can temporarily convert the pool into a children's wading pool. Thanks to a design that uses natural buoyancy, height adjustment is entirely fluid and requires no drilling or mounting on the pool walls. Installation only requires anchor points in the ground. Particular attention has been given to insulation during the design of the AquaMove, which benefits from an insulating layer with a U value of 0.4 W/m²K.



Two models are available: AquaMove Comfort and AquaMove Premium, the main difference being their load-bearing capacity.
The first can support up to 50 kg/m², ensuring total safety when closed. However, this version is not suitable for use as an extra terrace for leisure activities.
The second model possesses an additional mechanical locking system and can withstand a load of up to 200 kg/m², making it suitable for various activities in the pool, but also above the pool when it is closed. It is equipped with a PLC control and remote monitoring.
Both models are suitable for a variety of pools, including skimmer and overflow pools, up to a surface area of 100 m².

Each mobile floor is custom made, which allows a choice of finish and even the possibility to add a built-in staircase. Installation is entirely ensured by T&A, which also offers a maintenance contract that includes the annual technical inspection, ensuring pool owners total peace of mind.