With a BINDER counter-current swimming system, every pool can be transformed to offer enhanced pool experiences for the entire family by simply pressing a button. Not only does the wide and powerful current offer ideal conditions for swim training, wellness exercises or water aerobics, but it also adds a touch of fun when splashing around.

BINDER counter-current swimming systems for a diversified pool experience 

The secret to BINDER counter-current swimming systems lies in their technology: the current is generated by turbines and not by pumps as in traditional systems. The flow rate of turbine installations is much stronger and more regular. When swimming, the body is supported by the current and remains stable in the water.

These turbine counter-current swimming systems are also ideal for wellness, fitness and rehabilitation exercises because their current reinforces the swimmer's resistance to water and simultaneously solicits various muscle groups.

BINDER proposes two formats for its counter-current swimming systems: the fixed HydroStar version and the EasyStar for simplified installation during pool renovations. Both types of installations are available in a wide range of power outputs. These devices consume only 20 to 50% of the energy required by pump systems and run very quietly.

Installation is quick and practical: it only takes around three hours to install the HydroStar, while a few simple steps is all it takes to hang and firmly attach the EasyStar to the side of the pool.

EasyStar pour une installation simplifiée, suspendue au bord de la piscine

EasyStar for easy installation, attached to the side of the pool