A BINDER turbine swimming system transforms a simple pool into a place for adventure for the whole family. Their unique current offers multiple possibilities for use. These systems also consume considerably less energy than pump systems.

Transform a pool into a swimmer's paradise thanks to BINDER

The current generated by the HydroStar turbine counter-current swimming system is unrivalled in terms of width, regularity and power. HydroStar offers users numerous advantages. On one hand, installation provides small pool owners with the possibility of endurance swimming with no need to swim endlessly back and forth. On the other hand, HydroStar creates optimum conditions for wellness exercises, water aerobics, water jogging or for sports rehabilitation exercises. Last but not least, simply wading in the natural current of the turbine swimming system is also great fun.

HydroStar is available in several versions and sizes with flow rates from 160 to 1200 m3 per hour. Thanks to their compact construction, installation by a specialised retailer takes very little time. Binder counter-current swimming systems can be controlled via a piezoelectric switch, remote control or the BINDER24 application.

HydraStar et l'application BINDER24

HydraStar and  the BINDER24 application

As for the EasyStar retrofit system, it is the ideal solution for existing pools. This model is even quicker to install than the HydroStar, because it is simply hung on the edge of the pool and firmly screwed in. 

Both installations are very effective and consume up to 80% less energy than traditional systems. Moreover, the BINDER counter-current swimming system requires little maintenance and does not need to be serviced or dismounted during the winter.

Les systèmes de nage à turbine de BINDER sont aussi utilisés par les nageurs de haut niveau

BINDER turbine swimming systems are also used by high-level swimmers