Merlino is a new electronic box for home automation control of the pool, capable of managing various functions: filtration, water treatment system, heating, lighting, via the dedicated application.

The electronic box for home automation control of various pool functions

The remote-control system allows multiple devices to be checked from a single control panel and receive real-time notifications of their operating status. The dedicated cloud server offers access to data and associated devices, anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.

Gestione a distanza della piscina da un smartphone Merlino di C.P.A srl

Remote pool management from a smartphone

Merlino reads the parameters, manages the level sensors, for the skimmers or overflow, the temperature sensor and the flow sensor. Thus, if necessary, it supplies the filling valve directly. Using it makes it possible to optimize the operation of swimming pool equipment and therefore to save energy and treatment products.