For over 40 years, Heatstar have been at the forefront of innovation, design and development of modern, high performance pool climate control systems. Among its flagship equipment is the Phoenix MP (Multi-Pass) system, which enhanced the heat saved from expelled pool room air to over 95 %.

Modern, high performance pool climate control systems of Heatstar

This system combines two different technologies, allowing it to achieve high performance in terms of heat recovery.

The expelled warm room air is first passed through dehumidifying heat pump to enable "active" heat extraction, then through a large "Multi-Pass" twin heat recuperator arrangement, where remaining heat within the air is passively conducted via a series of adjoining plates directly to the incoming colder fresh air.   This combination enhances the heat saved from the expelled air to over 95 % dry and over 160 % if also including allowance for latent recovery.

Ideal for newer indoor pools, where a higher level of demand is anticipated, the Phoenix MP Heatstar system provides effective humidity control, active heat recovery, full rate fresh air, and both air and pool water heating. All from a single, easy-to-install device.