Based on its expertise in water treatment by salt electrolysis, Pool Technologie has developed its first hybrid UV/Ultra Low Salt® (ULS) device. It offers a balanced combination of two controlled technologies: water disinfection by UV and persistent disinfection by salt electrolysis.

A balanced combination of two controlled technologies

The UV reactor contains the Ultra Low Salt® electrode, ensuring persistence by salt electrolysis, as well as a UV light for water disinfection by UV-C. This latter reproduces UV rays inside the chamber (reactor). Emitted at a wavelength of 254 nm, these rays possess strong germ-killing power: penetrating to the heart of micro-organisms, they instantaneously eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Ultra Low Salt® technology offers persistent disinfection thanks to a very low quantity of salt: 0.5 g/l, i.e. 7 to 10 times less than with standard electrolysis. The water remains continuously disinfected and disinfecting, while limiting the dose of salt required for the production of the minimum amount of chlorine necessary.

This new generation of ULS devices offers two models to treat pools up to 100 m3: the Justsalt UV® and the Poolsquad UV®. The latter also offers smart, proportional and predictive pH regulation.

The advantages of a device equipped with these combined UV/ULS technologies are multiple:

  • The bathing water is soft and odourless, with no risk of allergy
  • The water is disinfected and disinfecting without the addition of chemical products
  • This solution is environmentally friendly
  • The device is entirely automatic and easy to use
  • Discharge water is non-polluting
  • Maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

The Justsalt UV and Poolsquad UV are the first two hybrid models and were launched on the market by Pool Technologie in early 2021.

Discover the UV/Ultra Low Salt® hybrid range at the manufacturer's stand at Piscina & Wellness: Hall 5, stand C35.