The specialist in polycarbonate heating slats has launched an innovation for solar pool covers. Recognised on the European market for its expertise for over 25 years, T&A is continuing its research and development to evolve its products to best meet the needs of the market.

An innovation for solar pool covers

The Quadro slat, a T&A exclusive

The manufacturer's exclusive new development has disrupted the solar slat market with a patented treatment. The Quadro slat corrects both the problems of visible condensation and the development of algae in the connecting chambers.

Indeed, it is named 'Quadro' due to the quadruple extrusion process. The slat is a composite of 4 assembled materials. One extrusion is dedicated to UV protection, providing the slat with durability over time. The transparent compartments create the structure of the slat, allowing the passage of rays that are useful to warm the pool water. The connecting chamber is opaque, preventing the proliferation of algae accelerated by photosynthesis.

Finally, and this is the major innovation, the upper shell of the slat benefits from an innovative additive that acts like a selective solar spectrum filter. It dissociates ultraviolet, visible light and infrared rays, allowing the latter to pass through as they are useful to warm the heating layer of the slat.

The opaque black filter gives the slat a stylish look and also masks condensation.