Two types of resistance test for the pipe used in the construction of in-ground pools

Low temperature shock resistance test

FITT B-Active Rigid, the new PVC-A rigid pipe by FITT manufactured using Shock Wave technology and used in the construction of hydraulic circuits for in-ground pools, guarantees shock resistance even at low temperatures (up to -10°C) based on the EN ISO 3127 and EN ISO 11173 testing methods. 

Inside the FITT R&D laboratories, FITT B-Active Rigid and another PVC-U pipe (compliant to EN ISO 1452) were subjected to low temperature shock resistance tests.   

After conditioning at 0°C, both pipes, with diameter 50 mm PN16, were subjected to an impact corresponding to an energy of 120 joules. While the PVC-U rigid pipe was crushed by the impact, FITT B-Active Rigid only suffered a slight bend, but no cracks. FITT B-Active Rigid was also subsequently subjected to the same impact test at an even more extreme condition (-10°C): as a result, it was able to withstand a 140 Joule impact before breaking.   

Tuyau FITT B-Active après test résistance choc extérieur 120 joules

The FITT B-Active Rigid pipe after 120 Joule external shock test

FITT B-Active remains flexible (ductile) and absorbs external shocks

Thanks to the polymer alloy that ensures ductility even at low temperatures, FITT B-Active Rigid is capable of absorbing the impact of external shocks without any negative effects on performance.
This makes it 10 times more resistant than a standard PVC-U pipe, and 30 times more resistant than the requirements of the EN ISO 1452 standard (EN ISO 3127 method). 

Internal permanent pressure test

After brilliantly passing the shock test, the same FITT B-Active Rigid sample was subjected to the internal permanent pressure test (EN ISO 1167 standard), during which it showed no performance changes. 

The test showed that even after a strong impact at a low temperature, if inadvertently used, FITT B-Active Rigid can in any case still guarantee standard performance levels for more than one hour at a pressure of 40 bar. 

The ductility of PVC-A, the special multilayer structure and the shock resistance even at low temperatures, make FITT B-Active Rigid the ideal solution for dealing with the risk of shocks caused by careless site handling, or soil settlement.