The range of FITT hose solutions designed for building inground swimming pools has grown over time, thanks to its R&D work, with technical hoses that meet ever higher requirements.

Here is a list of the different models and their characteristics

  • FITT Idroflex, the first hose for the supply and suction of inground swimming pools (in the 1990s), then FITT Barrierflex, which included a Spiral Protection Barrier patent for greater mechanical strength.
  • FITT Barrierflex then became FITT Barrier CDS with a second patent, the Chlorine Defence System, an internal film offering greater chemical resistance against chlorine.
  • FITT B-Active Flex was created in 2017, including the 2 patents combined with the new D-Shape patent. This "D"-shaped hard PVC spiral makes it very crush-resistant.
  • In 2019, FITT B-Active Rigid joined the catalogue: a hard PVC-A tube with a 3-layer structure, made with Shock Wave technology. It withstands impacts and low temperatures, and is resistant to corrosion and soil pollutants.
  • Finally, FITT B-Active Flex was further improved with the introduction of EVO TECH technology, increasing its resistance to mechanical stress and cracking. Launched in 2022, this hose underwent life cycle analysis (LCA), in accordance with international standards ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 and in line with the company's process of accountability and sustainable development. The latter includes a comprehensive strategy intended to create economic value and have a positive impact on the planet and people's lives.

Schéma de l'évolution technique des tuyaux pour piscines enterrées

The technical evolution of hoses for inground swimming pools