A thermodynamic calculation software for pool professionals

Aquavariation for an expertise in choosing heating equipment

It was already a few years ago now when this pool heating manufacturer and specialist developed a piece of thermodynamic calculation software for swimming pool professionals. Available online, Aquavariation is an easy tool to use, allowing swimming pool specialists to bring their expertise in choosing heating equipment to their customers. 

Based on heat transfer equations, this tool precisely determines a pool's heat loss by putting in various parameters: the location of the pool, the desired period of use, the features of the pool, etc. It even offers comparisons between various models, so you can choose the right heat pump for the project. Providing a real thermal balance, running this software is easy on any mobile device (tablet, PC or smartphone) and even lets you estimate the energy consumption of the chosen equipment.  

A new, even more advanced version

A new, even more advanced version of this free tool is now available for 2020. It now takes into account new parameters for thermodynamic calculations: wind speed and infinity pools. Offering greater flexibility, this tool adds the heat pump's running time as an editable calculation value. 

Any professional can also directly check the list of compatible accessories with the chosen model.