Certikin to take centre stage at the show

The new products presented

With five eye-catching stands brimming with new products including the largest stand at SPATEX 2020, the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of wet leisure is taking centre stage. 

  • Certikin's cover-up - the unveiling of Certikin's own-manufactured spas covers. 

Certikin's cover-up Spa cover Certikin

  • Versatility - Versoflor - a revolutionary flooring product featuring a unique push-in mosaic system.
  • Not treading water - Endless Pools Hydrostride - an underwater treadmill providing low impact aquatic exercise.
  • Swimming against the tide - Fastlane Sport XP - a fully self-contained counter current unit suitable for most types of installation.

The Fastlane Sport XP counter current unit CertikinThe Fastlane Sport XP counter current unit 

  • The digital age - FlowVis Digital - representing the next level in flow meter technology.
  • The next step - EPS Easy Build In-pool Corner Steps - an easy solution for adding a step unit to liner pools.
  • The beautiful Caldera Tahitian model, featuring 48 jets and a six-person capacity (from Watkins Manufacturing in California).

Exhibition on five stands for the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of wet leisure 

Adjacent to Certikin's main stand is Certikin's CertiDos (chemicals and dosing) stand and the Calorex/Certikin stand. In addition, there's a Certikin Autocovers stand and the striking NIVEKO stand, with its stunning one-piece display pool, will be hard for the visitor to miss.