A very efficient counter current swimming machine to enjoy your pool all year round

EVAstream: an innovative approach suitable for all swimming pools

Swimming as if you were in a 25-metre pool from the comfort of your own home, in the intimacy of your own pool, is possible. The goal of EVAstream is to create a high-speed flow rate. Thanks to this innovative approach, the current is stronger and goes further. The swimmer is further away from the machine and can therefore move around much more. The swimming experience is therefore much more natural: "Power over Volume"! 

Various training programs with suitable lighting

A complete training programme is available for swimmers of all ages and abilities. The training sessions comprise intervals, sprint and endurance sessions with increasing duration and intensity. 

There are currently two options for EVAstream swimming training:

  • with the Piezo3 control unit, equipped with 3 pre-programmed training sessions (operated from the pool).
  • with the DMX Advanced controller, equipped with 20 pre-programmed training sessions (controlled outside the pool)

The EVA RGBW underwater light completes the training experience for greater swimming pleasure. In fact, the lights change colour as the user swims, providing the swimmer with orientation as well as motivation.  

EVAstream, combined with the EVA RGBW underwater light, can be controlled from the swimming pool using piezoelectric pushbuttons. Several configurations are possible, even with different performance levels. 

Discover EVAstream in vidéo

Different models to adapt to all pools

EVAstream is easy to install in any pool, whether new or existing. Several models are available:

  • The FIT version is best for amateur swimmers.
  • The PRO version is the top choice for experienced athletes as its current is especially strong.
  • The MAX model is the most powerful and offers the ultimate swimming experience thanks to its dual motor. Since it creates an extremely wide swimming area, the MAX version is also recommended for very small swimming pools.

All the models are available in the recessed or sit-on version. Use the EVAstream selection tool to find the model that suits your pool best.

EVAstream misure e la massa corporea del nuotatore sulla velocità di nuoto

Measurements adult professional swimmer body size and mass affect swim speed

EVAstream meets the strictest quality and safety requirements of international safety regulations for private swimming pools (EN 16582-1) and public swimming pools (EN 13451-1).

Further information is available at www.evaoptic.nl/de/evastream-counter-current-swim-machine.