PURE CHLORE®, the solution for public and communal swimming pools

Installed in the machine room, PURE CHLORE® produces chlorine from softened water and salt according to the principle of salt chlorination. Highly effective and easy to install and use, this solution has been developed for public and communal swimming pools. 

To prevent the problems of using chlorine

PURE CHLORE® is the solution from POOL TECHNOLOGIE to prevent the problems of using chlorine, such as its potential health hazards for bathers and maintenance engineers. 

Designed to fit into existing installations with ease, this on-site chlorine generator continuously produces a highly active and instantly usable chlorine solution. It allows substantial savings by using salt, an inexpensive raw material, which is easy to transport and store. Its users have noticed savings of up to 70% per week on their consumables.

Furthermore, PURE CHLORE® also includes a BOOST mode, which lets you schedule superchlorination during off-peak times, saving energy and providing an available supply of chlorine solution all throughout the day. 

The new safety devices of PURE CHLORE®

This year, POOL TECHNOLOGIE is unveiling a connected version of PURE CHLORE® fitted with many new safety devices. To do this, the device communicates with the swimming pool specialist in two ways. By using CONNECT PRO, an app installed as standard on all new PURE CHLORE® models, any professionals can remotely check and control the settings on all their devices. They can therefore set their provisional maintenance plan and optimise their travel to save time and improve their organisation. Furthermore, SMS alerts warn professionals in real time of any production malfunctions, overflows, faults or something detected by the sensor. They can therefore organise their work knowing the type of fault to be fixed in advance, as well as the required equipment or consumables. 

POOL TECHNOLOGIE can also be used to eliminate any risks of hydrogen production, because H2 is degassed during chlorination. In order to guarantee the highest safety standards, PURE CHLORE® devices are fitted with a gas suction and dilution system, which forces the gas to be safely extracted outside the room.