A heat pump for pools with energy saving and silent operation

The heat pump for pools, Zodiac® Z500iQ (Inverter technology) places emphasis on energy saving and silent operation. 

Heatselect technology

Energy savings, thanks to its Heatselect technology enabling the machine to adapt its operating speed to actual power requirements and the mode selected.  The Boost mode provides maximum power for rapid heating of the pool, Smart adapts its power automatically according to the surrounding conditions, and the Ecosilence mode favours energy saving and silent operation, thanks to reduced power.

Five models

The range comes in five models based on their power, depending on the volume of the pool to be heated (<65 m3, up to <110 m3): MD4, MD5, TD5, MD8 and TD8. Its well-conceived and exclusive design makes it easy to integrate, and even more so thanks to its vertical blower making it well-suited for small spaces.

The practical 'plus': the illuminated gauge on the front indicates its operating status (heating/cooling/error alert) and power output in real time.

A connected heat pump

It is easy to operate the Z500iQTM using a smartphone or tablet with the iAquaLinkTM Control application (available in 2020).  The user can adjust the temperature (heating/cooling), select the desired mode, stop or switch on the machine, or upgrade the connected heat pump remotely.

the iAquaLink(TM) Control application zodiac

iAquaLinkTM Control application