Alukov is one of the major players in the pool enclosure market in Europe, with more than 20,000 pool and spa shleters manufactured. Its new model, the Champion telescopic pool enclosure combines safety, design, discretion, ease of use and aesthetic lines to cover the swimming pool. It is also quick to deliver and easy to assembly.

Abri piscine télescopique Champion d'ALUKOV

The Champion pool enclosure: easy to use and beautiful

The trackless system allows for easy and accurate sliding of segments into the desired position, while access to the pool as well as movement on the patio surroundings remains barrier-free.

The high-quality, stable profile color underscores the overall look. The transparent panels provide a perfect view of the pool even when closed. Its structure allows a cover of the profiles according to several colors, in a coating of high quality. The colours available for the covering of the profiles are silver and anthracite, as well as a combination of the two colours.

Détail de l'abri piscine télescopique Champion d'ALUKOV

Several versions for this swimming pool enclosure

  • Champion Solo, with two narrow short tracks leading the lowest segment, facilitates the accurate sliding of the elements in the desired position. The access to the swimming pool, as well as the circulation on the patio surroundings remains barrier-free.
  • Champion Libre is designed entirely without rail on the ground, allowing barrier-free access around the pool on each side.
  • Champion Prime has a single minimalist leading track and remote control operated segment retraction.

Available dimensions for the Champion telescopic pool enclosure:

  • Champion 80: up to 4,25 m width and for a length of 6,30 to 12,60 m
  • Champion 100: up to 5,25 m width and for a length of 6,30 to 12,60 m
  • Champion 120: up to 6 m width and for a length of 6,30 to 12,60 m.

A pool enclosure delivered quickly

This pool enclosure is easy to order and delivered quickly thansk to the Alukov Smart Delivery System. Its installation is easy.

Champion will allow the owner to maintain the temperature and quality of the water in the swimming pool and protect the pool against the vagaries of the weather.

Abri piscine télescopique Champion d'ALUKOV