ALUKOV presents its new concept of delivery of swimming pool shelters. SMART DELIVERY PROGRAM is a smart delivery system allowing economical transportation and quick installation of the shelter at the customer. This concept covers the Champion, Azure Flat and Orlando (spa shelter) shelters and offers the possibility of delivering up to 12 shelters all assembled at a time.

The new concept of swimming pool enclosure delivery system

The innovation lies in the way of how pool enclosures are distributed - the enclosure arrives already assembled and ready for installation. This method guarantees high-quality production process in the manufacturing facility compared to disassembled enclosures where the final assembly is done in an unsuitable outdoor environment, often by unskilled employees. 

Smart Delivery Program - Alukov Swimming pool and spa enclosures

This system allows the economical and rapid distribution of six and even up to twelve enclosures at one time in individual special transport packages. This enables the company to minimize transport costs and significantly reduce the purchase price of the enclosures. 

With this delivery system the professionals can easily provide enclosures for their customers with simplified assembly. The time spent by installers at the customer is significantly reduced from 1-2 days to 1-3 hours so they can save time to spend on another customer. 

Having more serviced and satisfied customers every day gives them a competitive advantage and also provides a satisfactory business profit. 

The advantages of the Smart Delivery Program

  • Direct business contact with the manufacturer of the enclosure
  • Standard and custom enclosure dimensions
  • Order Variability, one delivery can contain up to 12 different enclosure types and sizes
  • Easy ordering
  • Economical transport of up to 12 enclosures at once
  • Safe packaging method
  • Quick assembly at the customer's site
  • Modern and popular enclosure models
  • Possibility of customizing enclosure brand, "VIP" program

The transport box parameters of the pool enclosure

  • Champion pool enclosure model: new 2018 enclosure with or without ground rails (width 3,25 - 6,00 m, length 6,30 - 12,60 m, height 0,40 - 0,95 m)
    And Azure Flat pool enclosure model: a model characterized by its ease of movement (width 3,25 - 6,00 m, length 6,42 - 12,05 m, height 0,75 - 0,95
    --> Truck (length 4,50 - 8,00 m; height 2,50 - 2,70 m; width 1,20
    --> Container 40-ft. High-Cube (length 4,50 - 8,00 m; height 2,50 m; width 1,15 m)
  • Orlando spa enclosure model: Inner diameter 4,00 m, Outer diameter 4,11 m, height 2,30 m
    --> (length 1,26 m; height 2,55 m; width 2,10 m)

Smart Delivery Program - Alukov swimming pool and spa enclosures

On the left: Champion/Azure Flat box
On the right: Orlando box

Capacity of the truck

Smart Delivery Program - Alukov Swimming pool and spa enclosures