The new Z400iQ heat pump stands out in the Zodiac® range with its well-made design, vertical air outlet and silent running. With its sleek, stylish design, no fan or evaporator can be seen and its beige grey or aluminium grey finish means it can fit seamlessly into any background.

The clearance space required has therefore been reduced thanks to a vertical air outlet system, which only requires 50 cm of space around the heat pump, so it can even be installed in the smallest spaces.When on silent mode, the heat pump can run at an average sound power level of just 62.4 dB, keeping everything peaceful by the pool edge. 

Z400 heat pump

It can be controlled remotely with a WiFi connection and the iAquaLink(TM) app (available for the 2019 season), so one can set up and view different operating modes. Users can therefore control the water temperature from their smartphone or tablet and turn on the heating or cooling functions, silent mode, etc.

The Z400iQ has a 3-year warranty, while its condenser is guaranteed for 5 years and its spare parts are for 10 years (by NF standard).