Fabistone´s reconstituted stone pavements are products of extreme aesthetic and functional beauty.

Their reconstituted stone stands for its quality, strength, and safety.

Because of its modern manufacturing techniques, all process stages, from idealization to production, are ensured by quality control.

To offer a greater diversity of choice, the manufacturer reinforced its range with Velluto pavement. Velluto combines excellence in design with safety in use, due to its non-slip characteristics. Because it's a molded material, it was possible to give this pavement an incredible sensation to the touch.

Its unique texture, softness, and refinement make this range one of the most relevant and recent Fabistone innovations to the market of pavements. All their products are designed to adapt to any space and need. 

reconstituted stones pavements Velluto Fabistone

All pavements have excellent behavior both in exterior and interior, and for a variety of applications such as hotels, gardens, terraces, kitchens, patios, etc.

Fabistone is currently looking for distributors.