Having listened attentively to its customers over 10 years, the pool heat-pump brand Poolex finally provides an answer to one of the issues raised by users: how does one effectively conceal a heat pump?  But instead of hiding it, what if it was displayed in full view?  What's more normal than a flowerpot at the edge of a pool to achieve this disguise?


JetLine PlatiniumThe outcome is an elegant and very contemporary design, creating the flowerpot as a decorative object in its own right and using modern materials, the Jetline PLATINIUM.  It has a brushed aluminium body, with a rim enhanced by incrusted coloured LED lights that also offer subtle lighting near the pool.

Yet, even if a great deal of attention has been paid to the design of this new heat pump, its performance has not been neglected.  Inverter technology, guaranteeing reduced noise emission and high COP (higher than 7 in Inverter mode) combines with the new refrigerant gas R32, compliant with the European directive with regard to the protection of the environment.

Poolex guarantees its heat pump for 3 years, 7 years for the compressor and 15 years against corrosion of the titanium heat exchanger.

The brand also announces 5 major innovations for the heat pump market in 2019, both in design and state-of-the-art technologies, as well as a guide for choosing the right heat pump. To be continued...

The Jetline PLATINIUM won the 2018 Pool Innovation Trophy, in the Outdoor category.




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