A basic requirement for healthy bathing and swimming is modern water treatment. This has to be optimised not only in the interest of health, but also to retain the value of the facilities - poor water quality can prove very expensive.

Of course, the results of any water treatment must be regularly inspected. This is where the Lovibond® water testing instruments and reagents come in to play.


Green Chemistry TINTOMETER


The facilities operator has access to analytical instruments and kits which accurately and easily measure and record the actual state of the water quality.

In addition to this, it has now proven possible to achieve what once seemed impossible: reagents that are easy to dose; reagents that are safe; reagents that have a long and stable shelf-life; reagents that are extremely accurate; reagents that provide reproducible results; and reagents that are environmentally friendly.


Whether the client decides in favour of the classic pool tester, the innovative domestic electronic pool tester (Scuba II) or a Lovibond® photometer - the instruments can be used with the environmentally friendly  Lovibond® tablet reagents: «Green Chemistry».


Benefits at a glance: 100 percent free of boric acid, exact reagent quantity, DIN EN ISO 7393-2 compliance, optimal pH buffer system, strict quality monitoring and assurance.






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