Not only the digital world changes dramatically. Also, the Tintometer®-family with its head office in Dortmund alters rapidly. That is now reflecting in the brand-new website of the German company group.

On the Lovibond® products for Water Testing and Colour Measurement are embedded in the same global environment as the company is engaged in the different market segments.  

"Even in Water Testing we experience an enormous increase of demand for our products - whether it be the purity of potable water in water stress areas of the world, the monitoring of industry water, process water, waste water or the water quality of the private pool", describes company founder Cay-Peter Voss.

"Our company expanded in the last years, we grew to more than 370 members of staff and we are represented in more than 160 countries on all continents", adds managing director Maja C. Voss. ,,We deliver innovative solutions all over the world and transport all this now also with our new website and its various additional digital opportunities."

The main innovation: both company focuses Water Testing and Colour Measurement are presented on one webpage. is worth a visit.