The eXO® platform can fully treat swimming pool water with no problems whatsoever, controlling the equipment centrally from a single connected interface (connectivity via the iAquaLink(TM) interface will be available for this equipment for the 2019 season).

Users can control the quality of their swimming pool water from their smartphone or tablet. The range includes three high-end chlorinator models, all equipped with long-lasting electrodes and a premium probe. They also benefit from a 3-year unconditional warranty (excluding 1-year consumables).

 eXO®iQ LS

This scalable range lets you add additional water treatment modules to the chlorinators, such as a pH Link or Dual Link (for pH control), a Zodiac® filter pump (single or variable speed), lighting control and other optional equipment (boosters, water blades, etc).

The two salt chlorinator models in the range are the eXO®iQ LS, a low-salinity chlorinator, and the eXO®iQ, for pools up to 150 m3. The first one works with just 2g of salt per litre of water, i.e. half less than a conventional chlorinator.

The 3rd model in the range is a magnesium chlorinator, which uses MagnaPool® solution, a patented magnesium-based water treatment, together with an extra-fine filtration system.