The stabiliser, also known as cyanuric acid or isocyanuric acid, is essential for swimming pool water treatment. It prevents the destruction of chlorine, used for disinfecting water, which disappears under the effects of the sun's UV rays. Unfortunately, if the stabiliser level is too high, it also blocks the effects of chlorine and limits its disinfecting power.

Gache Chimie réducteur stabilisantUp until today, stabilisers had a considerable drawback: they could not be destroyed!


If you overdosed or put too much stabiliser into the swimming pool, the only solution was to drain several cubic metres of water...


Which is not very environmentally-friendly or cheap...But that was then!

Gaches Chimie is now launching the exclusive sale of a stabiliser destroyer for Europe in 2019!


This product destroys any excess stabiliser in swimming pool water and saves pool owners from having to refill the water.

In addition to its efficiency, this product has the huge advantage of being free from any chemicals, toxins, allergens and pollutants as it is made from completely natural micro-organisms and enzymes.







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