Just when you are enjoying your pool, some unwanted guests come along... mosquitoes and other insects come to spoil this relaxing moment! This still happens even if the pool water has been properly treated and maintained.


Gaches Chimie chlore lent repulsifWhile a swimming pool is not the favourite spawning site for these insects, it nevertheless remains a necessary water source for their development. However, the spread of these pests can also come from the area surrounding the pool, following splashes or due to neighbouring plants.A moment which should be all about peace and quiet can then quickly turn into a nightmare.

Under its brand, Age de l’Eau, Gaches Chimie is offering an all-in-one product which is just as useful for the pool as it is for the peace and quiet of its users. This chlorine tablet, while performing its first role of water disinfection, keeps insects away from the surface by releasing a repellent as the tablet dissolves.


This product poses no danger to bathers, leaves no residue on the surface of the water and does not stain cladding.


It is compatible with all pool water treatments and does not change the water pH level.

Its big plus point: you do not need lots of different products in the pool.