Tintometer can look back over a history of over 130 years of success. In the market for many years means being virtually forced having much to offer: many features, many advantages and much service. Tintometer is living up to this aspiration.

With immediate effect the efficient pH-sensor 226 enriches the default scope of supply of the instrument series SensoDirect pH110 and SensoDirect 150.


tintometer ph Sensor


The benefits of these new sensors are: The use of two ceramic diaphragms and a high-graded glass membrane allows to reach short reaction times and accurate measurement values even for low-ion water samples (≥ 80 µS cm-1).


The sensor covers a measuring range of pH of 0-14 and can be used in a temperature range of -5 °C up to +80 °C.


The construction of the sensor including gel electrolyte and plastic shaft it suitable for a variety of applications. It ensures a low-maintenance and universal use in industrial applications, wastewater treatment and pools.

More benefits and the wide range of products can be seen at the Interbad stand of Tintometer.





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