APF offers an all-seasons heat pump that works up to -10°C, with 3 modes: heating, cooling and automatic mode. The SUN PRO EVO heat pump boasts protection enabling it to operate below 0°C.


The frost protection operates automatically and rapidly through a cycle inversion (4-way valve). It is fitted with a Blue fins evaporator (PVC/titanium condenser), ensuring optimal resistance to corrosion (7-year guarantee) and enhanced condensation drainage. Depending on the model (6kW, 9kW, 13kW, mono/three-phase 17kW, mono/three-phase 21kW, or 28kW), the unit will use a rotary or scroll-type compressor, ensuring robust and quiet operation.


Pompes à chaleur piscine APF Sun Pro Evo et Pure EVO

SunPro Evo and Pure Evo heat pumps


The electronic control panel, displayed on an LCD screen, is simple and intuitive for ease of use. Its installation is kept as simple as possible, with an electric power supply and 50mm bypass kit.

The heat pump is delivered with its winter housing, isolation mounts (with anti-vibration), a condensation drainage kit, and hydraulic couplings.


As an option, the user may connect the heat pump to Wifi to control it remotely via the APF PAC Control app.

PURE EVO is the reversible model from the EVO heat pump range, designed for operation up to 0°C. It is available, with the same options, in the following power variations: 6kW, 9kW, 13kW, 17kW, 21kW and 28kW.

APF provides an after-sales technical hotline in 4 languages for professionals and individuals.