The 2018 edition of the LINOV Product Catalog, available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, presents this year latest additions to the collection of liners (liner, reinforced liner glass mosaic tile). 

Furthermore, it is possible to access, throughout more than 130 pages, all the possible solutions and configurations for the swimming pool covers and equipment.

Linov catalog

From a global and exclusive vision to professionals, the solutions presented in this catalog are not limited, since they combine with this set of solutions, the high capacity, and speed in its production. From a modern industrial unit - one of the most recent in Europe - and through the rigor and professionalism of its teams, Linov can offer a permanent technical and commercial follow-up. And through the Linov Express or Linov Air Express services, they can provide a liner to the professional sector within a 96 hours record time period.

The company has a premise "Not only do we do well but we do it fast". This happens because Linov has excellent techniques in the development and production of liners and covers and uses top quality raw material from the worldwide leading suppliers.

With more than 85% of its production redirected to major international markets, Linov is proud to have achieved recognition in the market for a long time. The company is part of a restricted group of manufacturers that have the capacity of producing a high degree of complexity liners and covers. 

The catalog LINOV 2018 can be requested through the website