Aiming to offer a great diversity, and maintaining the recognized quality of its liners, Linov launches a new brand : Vonil Flex.

From now on, the swimming pool coatings traded by LINOV will be kwown as Vonil Flex.
The brand brings together a range of premium swimming pool coatings that will fully satisfy customer needs.

New brand, new models
In addition to the usual Linov models, range, colors, and patterns, Vonil Flex has many updates.


The excellence and rigor in the manufacture and respect for deadlines will remain a priority.
The brand Vonil Flex maintains the same quality, tightness, and durability with which it has already accustom its clients.

In the previously reported news by the communications agency of LINOV, the TOUCH 3D and XTREME coatings photographs were mistakenly associated with the new Vonil Flex brand. The representatives of LINOV sincerely apologize to the target brand RENOLIT.


Vonil flex Liner HD Prenium

Vonil Flex reinforced liner REFLECTION


Vonil Flex reinforced liner Rock