APF has been manufacturing swimming pool safety covers in its three French factories for over 20 years. The manufacturer offers 15 models of automatic covers, all of which conform to the NF P 90-308 standard and are tested by independent test laboratories.

For their finishes, these covers have a wide choice of slats, insulating, waterproof, solid and treated anti-UV and stain-resistant, with 20 mm removable fins.


APF lames opages

5 opaque colors

APF lames solaires

2 solar colors

In the opaque version they are available in Blanc, Sable, Gris clair, Gris moyen and Bleu, in the solar version, they come in Bleu foncé or Gris anthracite, and in the solar polycarbonate version in Métal, Cristal or Nuit.


Concerning this last version, the Cristal model has just been approved, meeting the standard NF P 90-308; the 2 other colours are awaiting approval.


lames APF polycarbonates solaires

3 polycarbonate solar colors


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