The setting up of an automatic water treatment system requires a lot of tedious procedures: drilling of the pipelines, fixing of collars, sealing, etc. To facilitate the work of the installer, CCEI has created a compact measuring and injection chamber, grouping together the essential accessories for water treatment at a single point on the pipeline.

With this measuring chamber, two probes, two injectors, a flow sensor and a pre-installed ground system (Pool Earth Anode) can be mounted on the pipeline.

The Zelia Pod, based on the Zelia electrolysis cell, is 185 mm long. It is possible to keep an empty space free in the installation by pre-equipping the pipes with an empty Zelia cell.


Zelia Pod CCEI

Zelia Pod CCEI


Zelia Pod CCEI

Top view

To ensure reliable measurements, the sensors analyse the pool water in the internal measuring chamber of the Zelia Pod. Thus the injection flow does not come in contact with the water used for the measurement. The pre-installed ground system also has a role, since it protects the measurements from disruptive electric currents. The flow sensor is used to control the operation of a metering device or a salt chlorinator.

Thanks to its numerous options, the Zelia Pod is not only compatible with all dosing and control devices but also with salt chlorinators. To take full advantage of its capabilities, it can be installed with a system comprising a salt chlorinator, a pH regulator and a redox analyser.

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