Dantherm’s CDP range of pool dehumidifiers is fully automatic, with electronic control and a built-in adjustable hygrostat, and extremely quiet operation is claimed. A clear display indicates the current status of operation, and defrosting is incorporated in the electronic control.




The CDP (T) dehumidifiers are installed in adjacent plant rooms, so the units do not take up room around the pool, and operational noise is absorbed by the wall. They can be delivered with a through-wall sleeving kit including supply and return air grilles. Installation is flexible, and can be on the wall or floor.

The ducted CDP dehumidifiers are designed for use in larger private pools, commercial swimming pools, spas and changing rooms. These models are highly flexible to install, with the control panel and other components being moveable from one side to the other.

A range of accessories is available to meet individual requirements. These include a heating coil, fresh air connection, wall mounting kit, anti-vibration floor mounting kit, defrosting kit and failure monitoring kit. Finally, an optional water-cooled condenser allows excess heat to be used for pool or sanitary water heating.